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'Venom' Eats Up $80 Million For the Biggest October Opening Weekend Ever at the Box Office

‘Venom’ beat ‘A Star Is Born’ at the box office and broke a couple records on the way to the top.


Scott Wilson, Former Star of 'The Walking Dead,' Dies at 76

Scott Wilson, an actor best known to contemporary audiences for playing Hershel on the earlier seasons of AMC’s The.. Read more


Janelle Monae Joins Tessa Thompson in Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' Reboot

The voice cast of Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’ reboot just got even better.

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Patty Jenkins Might Direct Margot Robbie in the 'Barbie' Movie

Every Friday there’s a piece of movie news legitimately worthy of a big TGIF: Today, that news is that Margot Robbie.. Read more

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The Situation From 'Jersey Shore' Has Been Sentenced To 8 Months in Prison For Tax Evasion

After pleading guilty to tax evasion, the MTV star has been sentenced to eighth months in prison.

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'Aquaman' Extended Trailer: Jason Momoa Becomes a King

YEAYUHH! The new trailer for MY MAN Aquaman is here — but it’s not just any old trailer. This super-sized.. Read more

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Bryan Singer May Get Paid $10 Million To Direct 'Red Sonja,' Despite Years of Sexual Assault Allegations

Despite numerous allegations of rape and abuse dating back to 1997, Bryan Singer is reportedly getting paid millions to.. Read more


10 Ways 'Venom' Makes Absolutely No Sense

The new Spider-Man spinoff is even weirder and sillier than you’ve heard — and here’s just a few of the reasons.. Read more


What 'Venom's Post-Credits Scenes Mean For the Future of Spider-Man Movies

If you didn’t stay through the credits, here’s what you missed and what it means. (Spoilers, obviously.)


The Final 'Overlord' Trailer Is Full of Nasty Nazi Zombie Gore

The latest trailer for the Bad Robot horror movie teases the gruesome Nazi experimentation in WWII.

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The HFPA Is Investigating That Super Bizarre Drew Barrymore Interview

We know a little bit more about how that ‘fake’ Drew Barrymore interview that went viral came to be.


'Bad Boys 3' Is Probably, Finally Happening and Has a Potential Release Date

After years and years of delays, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence may finally be back for real this time.

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In 'The Sisters Brothers' and 'Colette,' Rebecca Root Paves a New Path For Trans Actors In Hollywood

In ‘The Sisters Brothers’ and ‘Colette,’ trans actress Rebecca Root tells us about playing two non-trans roles.

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Zack Snyder Says 'Of Course' He Wanted to Kill the DCEU Batman

If Snyder had stayed with the DC Extended Universe, Ben Affleck may have met an untimely bat-end.

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