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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums

    (2001) play as Richie Tenenbaum

    An estranged family of former child prodigies reunites when their father announces he is terminally ill.

    Time : 01 h 50 min

  • Old School

    Old School

    (2003) play as Mitch

    Three friends attempt to recapture their glory days by opening up a fraternity near their alma mater.

    Time : 01 h 28 min

  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels

    (2000) play as Pete Komisky

    Three women, detectives with a mysterious boss, retrieve stolen voice-ID software, using martial arts, tech skills, and.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 38 min

  • Rushmore


    (1998) play as Dr. Peter Flynn

    The extracurricular king of Rushmore preparatory school is put on academic probation.

    Time : 01 h 33 min

  • Legally Blonde

    Legally Blonde

    (2001) play as Emmett

    When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and,.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 36 min

  • Idiocracy


    (2006) play as Joe Bauers

    Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 24 min

  • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

    Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

    (2003) play as Pete

    The Angels investigate a series of murders which occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database.

    Time : 01 h 46 min

  • Vacancy


    (2007) play as David Fox

    A married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. They soon realize.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 25 min

  • Blue Streak

    Blue Streak

    (1999) play as Carlson

    A former convict poses as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole years ago.

    Time : 01 h 33 min

  • Concussion


    (2015) play as Roger Goodell

    In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers the truth about brain damage in football players who.. Read more

    Time : 02 h 03 min


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