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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    (2017) play as Sister Sarah Joan

    In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.

    Time : 01 h 34 min

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys

    (2016) play as Mrs. Glenn

    In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 56 min

  • Twister


    (1996) play as Meg Greene

    Bill and Jo Harding, advanced storm chasers on the brink of divorce, must join together to create an advanced weather.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 53 min

  • Falling Down

    Falling Down

    (1993) play as D-Fens' Mother

    A borderline personality disordered defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins to.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 53 min

  • Run All Night

    Run All Night

    (2015) play as Margaret Conlon

    Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike,.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 54 min

  • Dead Man Walking

    Dead Man Walking

    (1995) play as Helen's Mother

    A nun, while comforting a convicted killer on death row, empathizes with both the killer and his victim's families.

    Time : 02 h 02 min

  • Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction

    (1987) play as Martha

    A married man's one-night stand comes back to haunt him when that lover begins to stalk him and his family.

    Time : 01 h 59 min

  • Fried Green Tomatoes

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    (1991) play as Mama Threadgoode

    A housewife who is unhappy with her life befriends an old lady in a nursing home and is enthralled by the tales she.. Read more

    Time : 02 h 10 min

  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green

    (2012) play as Aunt Mel

    A childless couple bury a box in their backyard, containing all of their wishes for an infant. Soon, a child is born,.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 45 min

  • East of Eden

    East of Eden

    (1955) play as Anne

    A wilful young man contends against his brother for the attention of their religious father while reconnecting with his.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 55 min


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